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The Kid Who Ran for President

Back in 2003 when my wife and I returned to the U.S. with two toddlers in tow, the car dealer really, really wanted to sell us a minivan with screens built into the headrests. He was surprised when we said … Continue reading

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Some exotic vacations engender envy. Mine often bring concerned expressions from friends and neighbors. (“Um, Uzbekistan?”) One I took last month fell into the latter category, with an added helping of rude comments about pole dancers and the like. But … Continue reading

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Letter From a Failing Hedge Fund Manager

Letter from a Failing Hedge Fund Manager Dear valued clients, Sometimes I feel like explaining what I do with your money takes almost as much effort as making it grow. Still, it’s worth it. I’m confident that one day these … Continue reading

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I Am a Bad Gym Member

So there were a few new faces at my gym this week. I seem to recall seeing the same thing about a year ago and about a year before that. If you go frequently enough, and particularly if you normally … Continue reading

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Thank You for Not Admitting my Son to Your Prestigious College

Dear Small, Prestigious Liberal Arts College (which shall remain anonymous and henceforth be referred to as ‘SPLAC’ for the sake of brevity), I want to thank you for not admitting my son last year. No, really. This isn’t meant as … Continue reading

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Super Carb Me

Morgan Spurlock, eat your cholesterol-clogged heart out. The filmmaker and human guinea pig behind the documentary “Super Size Me” consumed nothing but McDonald’s for a whole month and – surprise, surprise – gained 24 pounds. How about eating fattening, salty … Continue reading

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I ♥ the Sunk Cost Fallacy

The above picture was taken almost exactly 61 years ago in front of Hungary’s parliament building during the brief revolution against Communist rule. I don’t know who the people in the picture raising the old Hungarian flag atop a captured … Continue reading

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For Whom the Ironman Tolls

The Wall Street Journal isn’t all business. Long time readers know that nearly every issue (“nearly” because there wasn’t one on Sept 12, 2001, for example) has a Page One article known as the “A-hed” that is whimsical. I’ve been reading … Continue reading

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Grandma Got Run Over by a Midterm

Many years ago, when I headed off to college, I had just one living parent and one surviving grandparent. Barring some unforeseen tragedy, my oldest son should ship off to his still-unknown alma mater not only with both me and … Continue reading

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Dear Woody Johnson

Congratulations on being appointed Ambassador to Great Britain. Believe it or not, the pomp and prestige of the office you’re assuming rivals that of owning the 27th best football team in the NFL.  As a former American expat who lived … Continue reading

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