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Some exotic vacations engender envy. Mine often bring concerned expressions from friends and neighbors. (“Um, Uzbekistan?”) One I took last month fell into the latter category, with an added helping of rude comments about pole dancers and the like. But … Continue reading


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Ninjas, Soba, and Buddhism

So I’ve been remiss in updating this blog, especially considering the fact that the whole family spent two weeks in Japan over the summer. It practically provided me with years of material, but where to begin? We saw so much! … Continue reading

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The Secret Hungarian Restaurant

“We could always try the secret Hungarian restaurant.” Wait, what? Lamenting the disappearance of eateries serving central European soul food with my cousin Pete – our beloved Mocca, the last one standing, closed over a decade ago after 47 years in … Continue reading

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I ♥ Street Meat

Maybe you’re the type of person who turns his nose up at the carts found on nearly every street corner in Manhattan. I bet if they called it viande hachée de la rue, quadrupled the price and served it on … Continue reading

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When I was nine years old, my mom took me and my sister to Hungary, where she and my father grew up (we had been once before when I was three). Of course it was a long and expensive trip, not … Continue reading

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